Idaho’s Career Pioneer Network (CPN)

This site is operated by the Center for New Directions under contract with the Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education, using funds provided by the Carl D Perkins Vocational & Technical Education Act of 2006 designated for equity programming.

The purpose of this site is to provide the overview of the development of Career Pioneers in the State of Idaho. Commonly referred to as Nontraditional Occupations (NTO), Career Pioneers are students and professionals who either train for or enter careers in which one’s gender comprises less than 25% of the individuals employed in the occupation (US Department of Labor). “Career Pioneer” reflects more clearly the consistency of the project in that the introduction of minority genders in traditional gender career fields is, indeed, a pioneering effort. This project will give direction for “the development of a statewide strategic plan addressing the advocacy and support of gender specific nontraditional career education, training and employment.”

While nontraditional careers are found in a variety of pathways, the early strategy of the Career Pioneer Project for recruitment, retention, and employment in Idaho will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers for females and Health (specifically Nursing) careers for males. While these careers will be featured in this project’s strategy, all career choices will receive attention in the plan that will be developed as a result of this project.