Supporting your child

Visit these websites for more information about supporting your child in their nontraditional career choice:
Sloan Career Cornerstone Center Career paths in the sciences can lead to almost any industry — from manufacturing, to medicine, to microeconomics. The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center offers resources to explore career paths in atmospheric science, biology, chemistry, the geosciences, physics, and science technology.

Techbridge Girls inspires girls to discover a passion for technology, science and engineering, empowering our future innovators and leaders. Through hands-on activities, role models and worksite visits, family outreach, and teacher professional development, Techbridge builds a strong network of support for girls to expand their career options, instill confidence and diversify our future workforce.

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Benefits & Challenges for NonTraditional Occupations

In today’s job market, women have the freedom to consider their own interests, aptitudes, values and needs when selecting a career. As most women work (46.3% -16 years and older), it is important for women to make informed career choices that will provide them with job satisfaction and a good standard of living. (Source US DOL, 2006)

Nontraditional Occupations reflect a full and unrestricted career choice and equal employment opportunity for all, regardless of gender or race.